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Las Vegas homes deserve the best, and for them to look and last for years, this is what it takes. There are many areas of homes that require an exceptional set of skills. We have the right guys who possess these skills, and regardless of the urgency of the job, we get it done, and we get it done right the first time.

Handyman of Las Vegas are well placed to supply the right craftsman for the job, no matter what it may be.

Having gained many years’ experience in the construction industry. We have teams of the best guys to tackle any job. Electricals work can be hard for any homeowner to do on their own because of the complex nature of electric.

From fixing breaker boxes, installing ceiling fans, to taking care of appliance breakdown, having someone to call in these times is key to getting your problem fixed, and getting it fixed fast. 24-hour emergency electrical repairs are crucial for any home to function. It might only be a loose wire, but our rapid response electricians will never leave you hanging.

Skilled carpentry needs to be natural skill, and with over 100 years of experience between our carpentry teams, that is some serious natural skill. General contractors in Las Vegas might avoid certain jobs, but we never shy away from any kind of work.

All areas of a Las Vegas home have their own challenges. With Electrical, carpentry, and plumbing being the most vital to get right, there are more cosmetic changes that need to be done right. Drywall and painting can affect the appearance of your home, so when holes start appearing, you know who to call.

From single panels to full walls, our skilled drywall fitters can pull out the damaged parts and replace them with new.

From top to bottom, there is nothing we can’t handle, and there is definitely nothing we can’t take on. Our number could be the one and only number you need on your phone.